FlexiMusic Orchestra

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FlexiMusic Orchestra

It is a virtual musical instrument on your PC

Within This program Development you assign "small pieces of music beat" to each key/button associated with all your "Input Devices" and play it since orchestra or musical device.

Small piece of songs beat: You can select any standard instrument/drum through midi bank. Or a person can use sample associated with wave file you might have. Right now there are a lot associated with places in the Web where you can down load sound samples. We may provide links to websites in our home web page.

Input devices: Computer Key pad, Mouse, Joystick, Midi plus other keyboard. You may use individual or multiple input gadgets together. The input gadget can be any factor that DirectX can identify it.

Real time: This plays requirements as shortly as the key is usually pressed, unless you established it to queue.

Pastime use: You can use it for basic use (like only make use of keyboard and mouse) regarding hobby to try out sounds upon your PC.

Professional make use of: It can also end up being used as professional band (many input devices, plus set of music to alter over). In a live life music orchestra multiple key-boards could be connected to a single PC and multiple people can perform music at the particular same time. And the set of music may be assigned and converted to change every ones appear.

Midi sound: The Common Midi (GM) 128 standard bank instruments and Drum models could be assigned to tips and played.

Background have fun with: It could run in history. As soon as you put the insight ON it may play also while you are functioning on another application. Regarding example if you are usually playing a game or even typing a letter, when you assign "UP delivering wave file" for "up arrow key", at any time a person press "up arrow key" it will keep appearing "UP" "UP", making this fun to use your own PC.

DJ / juke box: If you have got sound/music in wave document, having a queue and cycle you may use this as great as a normal very good music player. Additionally it can enjoy multiple songs at the particular same time. It is usually a multi sound influx player, assigning each good wave file to every key of the keyboard or even mouse or other plus play it in Genuine time.

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FlexiMusic Orchestra

Requirements :

Pentium ,32MB,Multimeda


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