FlexiMusic Composer

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Win98 , WinME , Windows2000 , WinXP 

FlexiMusic Composer

Produce songs by composing your samples&voice

one This program Development is a software tool that offers you efficient and easy way to prepare enjoyable music of your own.

2. Unlimited no of songs can be added because needed for mixing. Music Cycle is the sources for each track.

a few. Using Step cycle and Bar cycle, you can make a small "Music Cycle" of melody or tunes as per your rhythm.

4. Stage Cycle Pattern: In Stage Cycle pattern (step sequencer) there are fixed quantity of steps repeating in equal intervals, Some can be ON along with other can be OFF making a rhythm of melody. With regard to a simple pattern, use step cycle pattern.

5. Bar Cycle Pattern: In Bar Cycle pattern presently there is a blocks around the bar for each beat of the sound. Arrange few beats as blocks on this track as per melody timings. Make use of this pub cycle pattern for any complex pattern.

6. Add multiple patterns with different delays. Set number of repeats (to loop it) and adjust pan and volume to it. These Music series can be on the paths as a single obstruct. This way you can easily adjust the whole routine of many patterns upon the track as a single piece.

7. With a single sample sound you can easily produce various pitch (key) sounds by pitch change (pitch/frequency variation). Effects can easily be added to songs patterns or individual obstructs for each track.

7. Select Instrument Sounds are usually listing of wav files sample (names) available in the composer. Add additional data files (like voice, lyrics and so on. ) as My Songs to be with inside composer file.

9. Regular computer user can be the digital musician without making use of any musical instrument. Just about all you need is, innovative thinking about music plus fascination with music as the hobby.

10. You require not have to end up being experienced in music device or midi to begin making music within this. Electronic Musician / Composer and Sound engineers could make, different kind of music according to her/his imagination, easily plus quickly.

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FlexiMusic Composer

Requirements :

Win 98, Me, Xp, 2000, Pentium, 32Mb Ram, Sound card.


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