FlexiMusic Generator

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FlexiMusic Generator

It is a music sound generating software.

1) In This program Development you may generate various kinds of sound along with various algorithms using Charts, Sine definition, wave, envelops, numbers, random, existing influx file, noise etc. 2) Sine type Sound Resource: The complete waveform will be created automatically using sine rule. Additionally you may have multiple sine meanings for the same audio making the sound in order to change gradually from 1 to other. The fundamental simple sine wave audio for drums etc may also be manufactured in this particular. 2) Graph type Noise Source: This produces audio using graphs, to really draw the single period waveform shape (a little part of wave). Once you learn the wave shape associated with a specific instrument, you may draw that to create the same instruments audio. 3)*. wav type Noise Source directly from wav file) Here you choose and how to use existing wav file. With the addition of compensations in order to this waves sound a person can produce different audio using that wave audio. 4) String type Noise Source: This is the synthetic string sound electrical generator. Here you define the pattern System.Drawing.Bitmap Envelop Form and Wave Shape, audio is created by applying Wrap to the wave designs, further the envelop plus wave shape are modulated for width and elevation. You can define several pattern sets to generates sound varying from 1 shape to other. Along with in each pattern models you can have solitary or multiple Envelop plus wave shapes. 5) Mouth area type: Mouth type would be to produces sound like several lips vibrating with various resonance synchronized to every other, also attach two small wave files because prefix and suffix. Pet sound also can become manufactured in this. 6) Sound type: Here is the best noise Generator. Presently there are 5 different sorts of noise can become produced. Multi frequency sound is produced. Noise rate of recurrence bandwidth can be arranged as needed. When sound follows the frequency chart and frequency range/limit really special noises come away. In case you download this software program remember open and attempt the sample noise test.

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FlexiMusic Generator

Requirements :

Pentium,32Mb ram,Multimedia


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