VirtualDrive Pro

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VirtualDrive Pro

Play PC games without the disc!

VirtualDrive Expert 10 can be a Disc emulator that clones a Disc or unprotected Disc as a compacted impression, or "virtual blank disc," which you can have fun with in spot of the first blank disc in any one of up to 23 "virtual memory sticks" designed by the program. Virtual vertebrae can turn out to be provided over a community or sent on a mobile computer laptop or computer, a USB product, or different external advertising. They manage immediately on the challenging drive, keeping don and split on your CD-ROM get and stretching out the power supply lifetime of mobile computer pcs. They own access rates practically 200 moments faster than their CD-ROM counterparts, drastically strengthening the effectiveness of Laptop or computer games, photo CDs, and disc-based applications. This program s simple, intuitive interface makes it easy to create custom virtual CDs containing favorite tracks, expansion packs, documentation, and custom programs, and manage them in a searchable library. You can run as many virtual discs simultaneously as you have available virtual drive letters, moving from one PC game or application to another without having to swap out CDs or wait for loaded discs to spin up. VirtualDrive copies an entire CD or DVD as a compressed disc-image file, or virtual disc. A driver in the software fools Windows into treating the virtual disc as a physical CD or DVD in a CD-ROM drive. You can create up to 23 virtual drives (D: through Z:) and an unlimited number of virtual discs. Once VirtualDrive has copied a CD, a virtual image of that disc appears in the software interface. You launch the virtual disc by inserting it an open up virtual push or double clicking a computer shortcut to the data file. VirtualDrive Expert will come with a bonus offer: multi-media potential that let us you gather still pictures, video videos, and songs documents to produce your personal movies and slip presents and melt away them immediately to Disc or Disc.

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VirtualDrive Pro

Requirements :

Intel Pentium 133, 64 MB RAM


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