Syntheway ElectriKeys e-Piano VSTi

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Syntheway ElectriKeys e-Piano VSTi

Electric Piano Emulation Plug-in For VST Host

ElectriKeys is definitely an Electric powered Keyboard Emulation centered on classic Fender Rhodes MK1™, Hohner Clavinet G6™, Wurlitzer™ and Yamaha™ CP-70 e-pianos. Obtainable for Home windows and Linux centered VST/FST hosts.


- One device providing the audio of four popular e-pianos:

# Fender Rhodes™ Electric powered Keyboard (Phase Piano Tag I)

# Hohner Clavinet G6™

# Wurlitzer™ Electric powered Piano

# Yamaha™ CP-70 Electric powered Great Piano

- Sound is definitely produced via a hybrid technique that combines activity and sampling methods, to make the almost all realistic noises of these vintage electrical pianos.

- Tremolo Area: Recreates the traditional impact (which has been known as vibrato on the genuine Rhodes™ front side section). Contains a LFO (Lower Rate of recurrence Oscillator) with modulation level, rate of recurrence and offset. The panning slider regulates the result effect submission between remaining and best loudspeaker and to assist make a wide range of stereo system tremolo results.

- 5-Band Parametric Equalizer: EQ constructed of five parametric filter systems with Regularity, Bandwidth and Get knobs. Equalization enables you to decrease or increase the quantity of particular frequency runs for striper and treble adjustment.

- Rot and Discharge Period: Rot pieces the be aware rot while the essential can be pressed. Discharge pieces the discharge (fade out) period after the essential is launched, offering exclusive color to each participant.

- 32 presets for Tremolo results and Parametric EQ prepared to enjoy. Creating brand-new sounds can be as basic as merging these presets in various methods and tweaking any linked variables from now there as preferred.

- Signals Harmonic Range (Freq. analyzer)

- Total MIDI Automation: Complete MIDI Continuous Controller. Every parameter can end up being managed via MIDI or web host automation.

(Syntheway EKEP)

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Syntheway ElectriKeys e-Piano VSTi

Requirements :

VST 2.0 Host: FL Studio, Cubase, Orion, Nuendo, etc - CPU 500 MHz - RAM: 128MB


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