TranslateIt! German-English-German

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TranslateIt! German-English-German

Instant translation of any German word !

TranslateIt! is both a handy and effective solution for learning the meaning of new words you come across while working in the computer. It translates terms to and from German born and English. Just stage the mouse at a good unknown word and you should obtain a translation.

TranslateIt! facilitates the translation of phrases in almost any location of your workspace, which includes message windows and circumstance menus. Not just does TranslateIt! help you out once you work with Internet Explorer and Outlook Express, this also provides the interpretation when you use Ie and Firefox browsers, MASTER OF SCIENCE Office Word and ICQ.

TranslateIt! works in 2 modes Point and translate and Highlight and translate. Point and translate mode uses an unique One touch capture technology enabling you to get the translation simply by aiming the mouse cursor from an unfamiliar word. A person wont have to invest your time and discompose yourself, making copy plus paste operations, opening the dictionary window, and so forth Along with TranslateIt!, you will obtain the translation right aside, its very convenient!

When TranslateIt! doesnt have the term you want to convert in the dictionary, this will engage the word-formation module, which modifies the particular unknown word by incorporating or changing suffixes plus prefixes, so youll have got a chance to obtain a translation even if the particular word is not really in the particular database.

If the One touch capture feature wont provide a translation, a person can resort to Highlight and translate mode. In order to use this mode, very first enable it by pushing the Shift S hotkey and then just emphasize the word and push Ctrl, the translation can pop-up. Highlight and translate mode also comes inside handy when you require to learn the meaning associated with set expressions or verbs.

TranslateIt! is really a convenient circumstance dictionary functions in nearly any application and can provide you the translation associated with any new word a person come across. It is the real help for customers who deal with text messages in foreign languages in their work, study or even leisure time.

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TranslateIt! German-English-German

Requirements :

Windows 98/2000/XP, Internet Explorer 5.5 and high


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