3D Reversi Unlimited

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3D Reversi Unlimited

Impose your invasion strategy in 3D.

Reversi is a two millennium old reflection game together with very easy rules: players enjoy subsequently and put lower one marker piece about the board. Any enemy piece caught between a couple of pieces is reversed to be able to take the color regarding the players and is supposed to be to him. The sport gives so many strategic opportunities, that you could devote the rest of your lifetime to master it.

Typically the opponent can be both a computer set from different Elo levels or perhaps a human player, regional or connected to typically the network.

You may create a new game and invite one more player or join oneself an opened game about the network.

This video game is beautifully designed inside 3D, with precious smoothness of fine wood in addition to marble for the ideal comfort of playing in addition to learning. It offers several sound and graphic alternatives to make a pleasant gaming ambiance. Beginners will like typically the intuitive interface, with a great online Help menu constantly accessible at a feel of the mouse, typically the capacity of setting typically the Elo ranking in the enemy while playing from the personal computer. You can rollback the continuing game or save a casino game to reload it afterwards for replay.

To enjoy this game, you may need Windows 9x about a PentiumŪ at 400Mhz, or an equivalent, prepared with a Booster credit card 3D compatible Direct3D in addition to 8 Mo of video clip memory. Easy install in addition to uninstall procedure.

This video game will grow as typically the skills of the participants do, since TLK Game titles guarantees, for the signed up version of this video game, a long term guarantee for improvements.

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3D Reversi Unlimited

Requirements :

Pentium 550, 128 MB, 3D Graphic Card, Sound Card, DirectX


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