Brain Gym 2 (Pocket PC)

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Brain Gym 2 (Pocket PC)

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Brain Fitness center 2 is usually a excellent selection of four famous video games which gives you a effective combination of arcade, tactic and measures. Become the good good guy in Whole Blackout and repair the electronic ability to preserve your metropolis from anxiety and devastation. Rapidly rotate torn parts of cable to acquire shut down circuits and enjoy your town come back to life. In Burgerama you enter on a challenging career of a waiter in a quick food diner with the supreme goal to come out on top and become the Big Supervisor of Burgerama. Work orders most suitable by preparing burgers, Norwegian fries, ice-cream and beverages regarding to a wanted style and you will obtain advertised. The gameplay seems easy at 1st; however, as you proceed from level to level, its complexity gradually raises. Chukchi Kerling gives to lifetime an incredible video game with decorated ice sections which nonetheless remains really common with the Chukchi, the Siberian Eskimo. With Rapid Swapper, competitors will get pleasure from the famous Tetris-style gameplay which offers been radically enhanced to create the game more appealing and enjoyable.

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Brain Gym 2 (Pocket PC)

Requirements :

Pocket PC. Processors: ARM,X-Scale,MIPS,SH3.


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