AirStrike II

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AirStrike II

Helicopter game that makes your palms sweat.

AirStrike 2 will be finally right here. Get ready for brand name new property, air flow and water models - armored vehicles, weighty helicopters, submarines, destroyers, service providers, speedboats. Missions take place over water, desert, higher in the mountains and over densely populated locations. While the enemies have got come to be tougher and even more deadly, people can right now improve and improve weapons themselves to satisfy the obstacle. The degree of particulars for 3D items is extremely high, thus when you clinch the result in to whack items up, they take flight separately into lots of little pieces.

Right now the metal birdies with lethal "claws" and "beaks" each have got a collection of special features. These Loss of life Machines are usually provided with lethal weapons that the UN has outlawed long ago. One soaring beast could possibly bring out genocide in a several small nations around the world with hard-to-pronounce titles. Most significantly, right now you can take part in atmosphere challenges to analyze your initial abilities against your enemies. Helicopter duels are usually both extremely demanding and participating, producing your palms perspiration and your harm water pump the blood-adrenaline blend all over the system to offer you the strength for emergency. But when you find all various other birdies get rid of their wings and wreck down, thats how nirvana can feel like.

In improvement to different terrain forms and surroundings, AirStrike 2 attributes terramorphing, which alters the landscaping as a primary consequence of your behavior. As well as, after driving a stage and harming its superior, you can journey through bonus offer degrees to drain your adrenaline tanks and discharge the vacant rage. Merely journey and get rid of for excitement and satisfaction, while having all set for the subsequent tasks. By the approach, each quest in AirStrike 2 can be preceded by a tiny briefing, and radio station calls with the command line center happen to be taken out on a frequent groundwork to hold you operating.

Last year or so Game Canal nominated AirStrike 3D for Top Action Activity, Best Noise, Best Artwork and Very best Non-Network Multiplayer. Theyll contain to occur up with latest categorizations this year or so for AirStrike 2.

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AirStrike II

Requirements :

CPU: 400MHz; RAM: 128Mb; DirectX 8.0


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