GdTwain OCX - TWAIN ActiveX control

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GdTwain OCX - TWAIN ActiveX control

TWAIN ActiveX control scanning solution

GdTwain ActiveX is an simple to use control scanning services solution allowing programmers in order to acquire easily images through devices such as scanning devices, cameras and capture credit cards. With GdTwain OCX a person can control easily any kind of acquisition device if this has a TWAIN car owner. Programmers can build programs including fully configurable picture acquisition interface in purchase to provides single picture or multiple image purchase process.

GdTwain OCX may be used from any kind of 32-bit Windows development atmosphere that can call ActiveX components, including vb6, Realbasic, vc, Delphi, vfp, PHP, ASP, MS-Access, Windev, PowerBuilder,. NET environment like C#, VB. NET and numerous others. GdTwain OCX functions with Microsoft Windows systems from 98 to Windows vista.

Major Features:


- Advanced image running (auto border removal, change brightness / adjust comparison / adjust saturation or adjust gamma / reverse and rotation... )

-- Acquire an image in order to handle, to file, to clipboard, to byte array, in order to HBitmap

- Acquire picture to FTP server

-- Support lzw, ccitt3, ccitt4, rle and Jpeg data compresion

- Support for one bit, 4 bits, eight bits, 16 bits, twenty-four bits, 32 bits, forty eight bits and 64 pieces image colours

- Picture enhancement

- Pallets colours conversion

- Color quantization and decrease

- Sophisticated Text processing: add textual content with semi transparency impact, draw rotated text

-- Adjust the twain gadget image resolution (DPI)

-- Defines the twain gadget capture region

- Identifies the twain device lighting and comparison

- Allow / disable ADF feeder

- Enable / deactivate AutoScan setting

- Allow / disable duplex checking

- Enable / deactivate Automatic Deskew

- Allow / disable Automatic Rotator

- Enable / deactivate Automatic Border Detection

-- Enable / disable Automated Brightness

- Enable or disable and use almost all the device abilities

-- Select the twain gadget pixel type, B/W Colour, Gray color, RGB colour, CMYK color

- Offers high and low degree API

- Uses the particular last TWAIN one nine specifications

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GdTwain OCX - TWAIN ActiveX control

Requirements :

MS Windows


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