Meteor VGA

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Windows Mobile 2003 SE 

Meteor VGA

VGA enhanced version of space-themed breakout Meteor

VGA-enhanced space-themed breakout. It will be the only arcade sport (we understand of) which usually uses hardware acceleration (e. g. on Toshiba e800/e805) which makes it operate fast and smooth. Clear graphics and effects appear now smart on video graphics array screens. You have in order to destroy bricks, saving your own meteor from enemy missiles and getting just as much power-ups as possible. 90 numerous levels with attractive area environment make much enjoyable for players of almost all ages. Moving bricks, assaulting robots and spaceships, good graphics and sounds, ninety levels, cool space conditions, various types of weaponry and balls are waiting around for you.

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Meteor VGA

Requirements :

Window Mobile 2003 SE; VGA (480x640) screen; 5 MB of RAM


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