Brave Dwarves Back for Treasures (Mac)

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Brave Dwarves Back for Treasures (Mac)

The everlasting battle between good and evil

This is definitely not simply another fairy story. Its a tale about the long lasting fight between great and wicked, and you are usually the primary personality. Since first instances the wonderful family of dwarves is definitely standing safeguard over the subterranean planet. And this function is difficult and all-important certainly. Just the several understand that all the realms are linked to each additional with magic formula passages. Many of these passages are usually underground, concealed from strangers eye. A informal traveler gets into a cave as a protection from poor climate, but we understand it covers a door to another planet...a door from which unbidden guests may arrive.

The dwarves are usually guarding the passing and maintaining tranquility in their entire world...but today the entire world shudders. For the bulk, it can be simply a organic problem. But we understand much better: the entire world substance can be torn, its period to consider arms, move lower and end the invaders.

Your objective can be to clear the dungeons from the malignant and collect as very much display as you can - it will consider a lot of money and diamonds to fix the seal off on the Door between the planets.

The Soldier and the Sorcerer are usually the ideal characters of their individuals. What perform you choose - reducing metal or will-power ! Create your selection and begin your trip.

Keep in mind, the fate of several worlds is dependent on you...

Full edition functions:

- 100 levels

- All accessible game bonus deals and enemies

- Saved video games option

- Non-violent video game for all ages

Trial edition presents:

- 10 levels

- 60 a few minutes of play

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Brave Dwarves Back for Treasures (Mac)

Requirements :

PowerPC/Intel 750Mhz processor, 32Mb of VRAM


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