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Topnotes. Organizes and encripts your info

This program manages any kind of information like projects, details, phone numbers, recipes, photos, videos and so on inside a tree structure easy to organize.

Instead of having diferents files in a big hard drive, keep all the info that you need structured in a single file, at 1 place!

- Organize information inside a tree structure and store in project documents (notebooks).

- Each laptop file can include an unlimited number of information.

- You can handle notes in the woods using drag and drop or move notes up, down, left or right using shortcut keys

-- Each note can include text, pictures, videos, sounds or OLE objects.

-- Compress notebooks using SQUAT deflate algorithm.

- This program can protect your notebook computers from prying eyes by using strong encription (Blowfish 448 bits key size)

- Unique features because Bookmarks and History of the last notes modified.

-- Simple to use.

- Stores and retrieves the last cursor position in each notice, avoiding innecesary browsing.

-- Search and Replace features in the whole laptop.

- This program is an stand-alone program. Does not require additional DLL, VBX, OCX, or external databases.

-- Can use notebook documents stored in a LAN.

-- Recognize web and email addresses and when doubleclicked release default browser or email client.

- You can minimize This program in the tray. A must have system always available at hotkey.

- Have all the info that you need in one place in a solitary file. Avoid losing info again.

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Requirements :

486DX / 32 MB RAM


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