Hotspot Builder

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Hotspot Builder

Easily create hotspots and graphic elements.

Making use of screenshots in your applicationís assist files make certain that your plan is quite simple to find out. However, basic, screenshots, which simply show your plan working usually, are not really sufficiently. When customers have complications, they choose to prevent looking for a alternative, but to rather obtain an reply instantly and after that keep on their function. Why not really supply your customers with that capability ! How ! The solution lies in using screenshots that include hotspots, which are special regions that can be clicked on by the user to display appropriate information.

This program is an extremely powerful application which lets you create and edit graphics files in Segmented Hyper Graphics (.SHG) format. This allows for storage of not only the graphical image, but the hotspot information as well. A .SHG file can, of course, be easily used in WinHelp (.HLP) and HTML Help (.CHM) systems. After compiling a .SHG file into a help file, the hotspots can operate as hotlinks to help topics, as pop-up links, or even as special macros.

However, This program is not just an editor of .SHG files; it is also a powerful tool for the creation of screenshots and for processing images. The program includes a variety of different screen capturing tools, which allow you to make efficient screenshots by capturing only the required elements-such as dialog-boxes, buttons, fields, and so on. There is no need to copy an entire window and paste it via the Windows Clipboard!

This program allows you to change image color-depth and also includes special features for preparing Segmented Hyper Graphics files to be used in HTML Help. The programís straight-forward user interface, its different color schemes and internal browser for more convenient manipulation of hotspots, and its ability to be integrated with Help Development Studio (another of the Divcom Software help authoring products) make This program a simply indispensable member in your help authoring toolkit.

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Hotspot Builder

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