GIS ObjectLand

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GIS ObjectLand

Geographic Information System ObjectLand

This program is definitely a general Geographic Data System for Windows.

Key features:

- creation of vector-raster maps with arbitrary structure of layers and feature types;

- creation of themes. Theme is a user presentation of a map;

- command of presenting features relying on the picked scale;

- spatial info type and using by assigning characteristic coordinates and in addition by interactive pulling with mouse or digitizer;

- sewing of individual pages of an imported map into one unified continuous map;

- copying, merging, and moving maps, layers, and characteristic forms between several geoinformation listings;

- design of platforms of arbitrary composition;

- design of questions. Query will be a consumer demonstration of table constructed by placing research and sorting circumstances, joining dining tables, calculations and making use of reference dining tables;

- copying, blending, and shifting game tables and issues between unique geoinformation repository;

- preparing arbitrary back links between spatial and table facts;

- getting facts about the characteristic preferred on the map;

- searching for characteristics on the map by connected records;

- development of filters. Filtration system is circumstances of function visualization based on spatial attributes of characteristics and connected table files;

- generation of cool layouts. Layout is certainly an productivity form incorporating spatial, stand facts and introduction elements;

- transfer and move of table and spatial facts for extensive data models;

- help of model libraries filled with fonts, map symbols, series models, hatches and fill up styles;

- type editors for exhibiting styles;

- environment for customers the accessibility permissions to pieces;

- multiuser info editing;

- using and editing tables of external database (via ODBC) as linked tables;

- providing automation COM interfaces for user applications.

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GIS ObjectLand

Requirements :

Standard PC


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