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Simplify the task of curve fitting.

This program is a comprehensive graphing, curve fitting, and digitizing tool. This program offers 12 generic fits, including linear regression, logistic functions, fourier approximation, rationals, neural networks, B-splines and parametric curves least squares approximations, plus a collection of over 300 industry-specific 2D formulas. This program uses the Levenberg - Marquardt non-linear formula and the Simplex formula to match information. A built-in Wizard assists to use various curve suits to discover the design that greatest describes the information. Peak fitted features are usually incorporated. There will be a feature that is applicable Singular Range Evaluation (SSA) to reconstruct and to predict data series and to draw out cyclic sygnals. The most recent version consists of an autoregression (ARIMA) design. The software program enables you to clean, interpolate, apply FFT and Wavelet filter systems, subtract, differentiate, integrate, change information and curves, and to use Procrustes evaluation. The Douglas-Peucker formula, and the empirical setting decomposition (EMD) formula are incorporated. The system comes with 200 built-in typical graphing 2D functions support for polar, Cartesian, and parametric equations. A built-in Wizard assists to digitize the information. The system supports OLE automation and can become built-in to some other software applications.

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