ChildWebGuardian PRO

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ChildWebGuardian PRO

Program providing Internet child safety

This program is content filtering software designed to give Internet little one basic safety. This software keeps keep track of and determines the articles of every web-page the child browses. If the program finds some obscene content, ChildWebGardian PRO will immediately block viewing such pages.

This program is a complete software offer that is comprised of some determining capabilities. Each of these capabilities sorts an hindrance in the approach of obscene info from the Internet. And before your kid views any page, it will be checked by all those functions.

The theory of the This program job possesses a dominant advantages over the regular way nearly all of the equivalent software capabilities. Just about all of many of these programs examine only the Web address of the asked for web page for becoming in the data source of "indecent" details. This way of blocking is certainly not useful for now there appear thousands of different web sites every moment. Unlike some other applications, This program offers special functions that permit examining the web page content material itself. That can be why possibly if your baby will come across a freshly appeared web page with obscene information, This program will end him from browsing this web page anyway.

This program provides the adhering to controlling features: a function for analyzing the page articles for the existence of banned words, a purpose for stopping the accessibility to the internet sites in the "black" list, a function for restricting the use of Internet Explorer by time and by days of the week, a function for saving the URLs of the visited World wide web solutions to the exclusive record, a purpose for shutting the World wide web Explorer pop-up adverts immediately. It also has a function for a maximum browsing restriction that gives access only to the Internet addresses in the "white" list.

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ChildWebGuardian PRO

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