OPSEC Covert Comm

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OPSEC Covert Comm

Secure Email and Chat Platform

OPSEC is a professional trusted emailing solution designed to send highly encrypted email and attachments without ever touching an SMTP server. Covert and reliable, OPSEC ensures online privacy.

OPSEC stands for Operations Security, an US military phrase that describes the need for secrecy regarding a deployment, station, or action. OPSEC provides that level of secrecy.

This complete Security Suite includes: Covert Email, Secure Chat, Instant Messaging, Address Book, File Encryption, and Secure Email and Chat Servers with VPN.

Secure Email: Easily send and receive highly encrypted messages and attachments.

Secure Chat: Communicate with your colleagues in complete privacy.

Secure Instant Messaging: Instantly see who is on your trusted OPSEC network and chat privately with them.

Secure Files: Protect sensitive company documents, graphics and video files of any size easily.

Secure Address Book: Store important information about your contacts in a highly encrypted database.

Message Archiving: If you think you are going to need an email in the future but want it out of your inbox without deleting it, archive it! Archiving helps you manage your inbox and put your email into a new archive folder system.

When privacy and security matter to you, OPSEC delivers!

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OPSEC Covert Comm

Requirements :

1 Ghz CPU, 1 GB Memory, 25MB Free Disk Space


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