Precision Language Suite

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Precision Language Suite

Localization tool for Delphi and FPC/Lazarus

This program is a localization tool for Delphi and FreePascal/Lazarus developers.

2. It allows you to implement the localization with regard to your product in only four easy steps

2. Implementation is very flexible and supports the dynamic utilization if required (ie. loading only selected part of product)

* Language documents are stored in a definite, easy to use text format

* It allows fast and uncomplicated verification of changes during the development of your product

* A compressed, binary format of language documents is also available

2. Language files can become shared between your projects (products)

* By using so called "user language files" you can adapt your product to a specific needs of certain customers, without having altering the distribution bundle of you product

2. Supports both own and standard localization method with regard to resource strings

* Allows localization of error communications, informational messages and return values from a dynamically linked third-party libraries (DLL, BPL,... )

Basic editor features:

* Project files manager

* Quick searching and filtering of items

2. Item tags, including an automated tagging (translate, do not localize, automatically translated, etc. )

* Obtaining and replacing the texts

* Automatic synchronization with defined source code documents

* One-time import of resource strings and component properties

* Export and import of the translation table (using the CSV file format)

* Automatic preparation of the resource file for the text constants identifiers (including the default texts)

* Indicative proposals of localization source code for your software

2. Support for translation in to other languages using the web services and/or custom dictionaries

* Pre-processing and post-processing of the project

2. The package system for defining the default constants, communications, language codes, supported qualities, etc.

Embedded localization feature:

* Allows you to localize your applications directly "on the fly".

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Precision Language Suite

Requirements :

IBM-compatible PC, 256 MB RAM, 17 MB free disk space, Delphi 5 - XE2, FPC/Lazarus


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