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RC Localize

Translate Visual Studio RC resources files

This program Development is a tool, which will help you to localize your Windows resource files (from Visual Studio 6. 0, Visual Studio 2005/2008, or any other applications). Localize your application easily: select the resource file, add the languages in which you want localize your application and you are ready to start the translation. The This program Development integrated environment simplifies greatly the localization of your resources texts, and helps you to generate more secured release. For each item, you clearly see the text in your native language and the translations in each language you added to the resource. Moreover, This program Development displays the dialogs, and you see immediately the localisation results.

This program Development will save your time and make your application more secure:

Create more secure release of your application:

Using This program Development, you are sure that all items of original resource are in the localized resource

It is not safe to use the Visual Studio resource editor for localizing your resources files. Your application might crash if you add an item to a dialog in a given language and omit to add it in the others languages of your resource. You can also forget to translate an item or forget to report changes among the different languages of your resource.

You will not be trapped anymore using This program Development, because localized resources are copied from the one that is used to finalize you application. Moreover, resources checking feature makes your localized application more secured.

This program Development checks and corrects mnemonics and verifies that texts fit in dialog item boundary.

This program Development also includes a dialog editor.

Localized resources can contain one or more languages:

When exporting localized ressources from This program Development, you choose the language you want to include and the exportation format (ANSI or unicode). Nothing is easier to generate a multilingual release for your application or a dedicated release, which contains only a given language.

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RC Localize

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