Automatic Screen Recorder & Monitor

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Win98 , WinME , WinNT 4.x , Windows2000 , WinXP , Windows2003 

Automatic Screen Recorder & Monitor

Screen recorder and monitor

Automatic Screen Recorder and Monitor is a professional screen recording and monitoring tool. It wills automatic record all the changes around the screen, produce recording file which can play by itself, and also can playback easily. You can record and monitor almost all operations on your display day and night. This software offers very powerful self-configuration functions, it can set recording time, setting the hard disk making use of strategy if you have no room it will delete the particular oldest file automatic. This particular software only record modification of the screen as well as using high compress math in order to create the recording file really small. This software uses a tiny bit system resource, it is just not affect system running. Within addition, this software provides password control function, with out password cannot open the particular software.

Features include:

one. Support many colors display screen, 16 colors, 256 shades, 16bits colors, 24bits shades, 32bits colors.

Support various sizes of screen, a person can change the display screen colors and size throughout recording.

2. Can go for as automatic recording from pc power on, plus stop at pc strength off.

3. Can control pc hang or strength cut-off, damaged files may be repair.!

4. May set software password, with out password can not open up the software.

5. May set recording file enjoying password, without password may not play the exe recording file.

6. Great compression, generate very little recording file.

7. May set hard disk making use of strategy, when hard storage full, it will remove the oldest files automated or stop recording.

7. Can set recording just at a constant period span, special user sign in, or special software working.

9. Flexible playing handle, can use clock storage to put playing start period.

10. Using less program resource.

11. The created recording file can enjoy in different computer, without this particular software support.

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Automatic Screen Recorder & Monitor

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