Rising Antivirus 2007

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Win95 , Win98 , WinME , WinNT 3.x , WinNT 4.x , Windows2000 , WinXP , Windows2003 , WinME 

Rising Antivirus 2007

provide complete protection for your computes

Increasing Antivirus 2007 protects your own computers from all sorts of viruses, Trojans, earthworms, rootkits along with other malicious applications. Ease of use plus Smartupdate technology make Increasing Antivirus 2007 an install and forget product plus entitles you to concentrate on your personal jobs along with your computer.

New Digital Machine Unpacking Engine(VUE)

VUE minimizes resource consumption simply by reducing the size associated with virus definition file considerably.

What exactly is packing!

Packing will be like placing a “vest” over the virus within order to disguise this. Sometimes a virus will be packed multiple times. Malware software without strong unpacking capability cannot detect the virus, Trojan or adware and spyware under the “vests”. In order to solve this problem, these people just identify a loaded virus as a fresh virus by keep upgrading their virus definition document, or virus base. This particular method is resource eating and can never secure guard PC in action.

What is Virtual Device Unpacking Engine(VUE)!

VUE offers a fast, efficient plus high-tech treatment for combat packaging. Packed virus must get off its “vest” prior to it infects a PERSONAL COMPUTER. VUE creates a digital machine system for computer virus and let it get off its “vest” instantly in this virtual program. In this way, Increasing Antivirus 2007 can determine a variety of packed virus, reduce resource consumption, significantly decrease the size of computer virus definition file and conserve the time consumed regarding everyday update.

Startup Check

Startup Scan can check for viruses before Home windows login. Some viruses are usually difficult to be discovered after Windows login. Start-up Scan provides you a good effective means to fix detect these types of viruses and keeps your own system safe.

NTFS Flow Hidden Data Check

Mystery Virus Scan and Thoroughly clean

Eight integrated Auto-Protect functions

Scans for and fixes potential system vulnerabilities

Completely automatic SmartUpdate

Supports 64-bit operating systems such like Windows Vista

Rising Document Shredder

High-speed email disease check

Smart Whitelist regarding junk mail

Mini Mode FOR INSTANCE Execution Protection

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Rising Antivirus 2007

Requirements :

CPU:PIII 500 MHz or higher ,RAM: 64 MB or above


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